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Project Description
A plugin for the BizTalk HAT (Health and Activity Tracking) application.
This plugin provides a convenient way to view tracked messages in BizTalk without the hassle of having to save the messages and figure out which file contains the data you are looking for.

  • Iterate through tracked instances\messages.
  • View all tracked messages for a particular service instance.
  • View xml\text content and context of tracked message.
  • Search and hilight xml content using XPath query.
  • Ability to save all tracked messages and message contexts to file.

Using the plugin is simple:
  1. Save the assembly Bizspoke.BizTalk.HATPlugIn.dll to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\Tracking\Plugins\" directory (assuming your Biztalk installation is located at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\").
  2. Run the HAT application.
  3. Run a query by selecting Queries from the menu and selecting a query eg. Most recent 100 service instances.
  4. From the search results select 1 or more messages you would like to view.
  5. Right-click and select (Bizspoke) View tracked messages....
Note: Depending on how many messages you selected, this may take anything from a couple of seconds to minutes to retrieve all the data.

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